Giving back on Pancake Day with The Felix Project

Updated: Feb 21

Little gestures can have a big impact – so although we’re a small brand, we don’t want to

forget about the bigger picture.

Almost a third of children regularly go without breakfast before school and are more likely

than classmates to be inactive, unfit and obese. These findings are worrying because these

children are more likely to develop chronic disease in adulthood like cancer, heart disease

and diabetes - hardly the best foot to start out on.

Our mission to provide healthier breakfasts for families is still in its infancy. And there is a

lot more to it than getting a ‘better for you’ product on shelf. But as we build Griddle, we

want to keep in mind the smaller things we can do now that will have a positive impact.

This is why this year we decided to donate a whole lot of pancakes to the Felix Project to hand out free breakfast to hundreds of school kids that would have otherwise skipped breakfast or reached for a sugary snack.

So if you have recently decided to buy a pack of Griddle Pancakes, know that you’ve helped

other families enjoy the same great start too.


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