Crowdfunding: A note from us

In just a few days Griddle will be making it’s first appearance on the pages of Seedrs.

Having made it through the early days of selling, product development, pop-up stores, hunting down manufactures and non-existent budgets, we're finally in the position where we're ready scale, BIG time!

And we’re excited, we’re beyond excited. Not only have we created products that we are really happy with but we know our customers are happy with. The price point is lower, the pack size is bigger, and the taste is well, we’ll let you decide for yourselves (hands down, eaten 6 packets between us in a day – just saying!!).

So this is where you come in. We want you to be part of our mission to make healthy everyday eating easy, with our no fuss approach, and in doing so take on the out-dated corporate food giants!

You may be reading this as a serial investor, is which case apologies if you’ve heard this all before.. But this may also be new for you, in which case we want to break down the barriers. Because investment doesn’t have to mean thousands of pounds and it can be a lot simpler than you think. As two female founders, we also want to tackle the stereotypical and out-dated image that it’s primarily men that invest their money. So if you happen to be female and reading this, all the better.

Why is Griddle Raising Investment?

If you’ve visited our Seedrs page here, you may have seen that not only have we just launched in to Sainsbury’s, but also we’ve got some pretty ambitious plans which we want to achieve over the next 12 months in terms of sales, marketing and brand growth.

So why do we need more money to do this?

Put simply, we need additional money to the revenue we make from selling our products, in order to support the products once they’re on the shelves. Things like in-store promotions, POS marketing, digital advertising and even shelf positioning – these all cost money!

Why Crowdfunding?

As a bit of background we have self-funded to date apart from a small amount of investment from a fund specialising in F&B back in 2017. Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to take a different approach, by creating a community of investors it means we create a network of contacts we can go to for advice, help and ideas as we continue to grow Griddle. Of course there is the option to simply invest your money and to sit back and watch as well, but should you want to be more involved you can be. New flavours? You’ll be the first to know. Consumer taste-testing groups required? You will be our first port of call!

As well as this, having the support of Seedrs means that with everything else going on, due-diligence, legality and all the paperwork involved in investing are just one less thing to worry about. When there are just two of you working flat out full time, that’s a lot of help.

· For the investor it also means you can invest securely under the knowledge that all the necessary checks have been made, and ultimately the claims we’re making are valid.

Why do people invest?

Ultimately it’s to make money. Some investors who have come to us before launching our campaign are people who invest in numerous companies and can see the growth potential for Griddle. Others, like the fund who previously invested, have a background in Food and Drink and some of them are just looking to diversify their portfolio. The great thing about crowdfunding is that you can invest from as little as £10, making investing in companies much more accessible.

*A hypothetical example *

If a person invests £1,000 in this round whilst we are valued at £900,000 and over 5 years, Griddle grows to a point where we were to sell the business for £10 million, the investor would get £11,111 back. This would also apply to an investment of £10, where in 5 years’ time, the investment would hypothetically be worth just over £111. So instead of getting a few coffees one week, you could decide to invest that money with the potential to return a larger sum of money later down the line. You also have the opportunity to support a small UK business, which in many ways may be worth that £10, £20 or £50 alone.

Please note that the numbers provided above are only illustrative, and future rounds of funding will also impact potential returns on investment.

Tax Relief

A benefit of investing in a startup business in the UK is that we are eligible for SEIS tax relief. What this means is that the first £105,000 invested is eligible for tax relief of up to 50%. Seedrs have a great piece here explaining this in more detail.

The Final Flip

There are probably a lot of other questions that are coming to mind right now, like what are we going to use the money for? And what is our growth strategy?

If you follow this link then you’ll be able to sign up to get a notification as soon as our page goes live and hopefully you’ll find we’ve answered every question you might have there. We also have a video to watch if you want to skim on all the reading.

For anything else at all or if you'd like to meet in person to discuss please do drop us an e-mail at or


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